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A short history of tennis

If there is one sport that is well participated by both men and women, most people will have tennis on top of the list. While tennis is considered as one of the most popular sports today, it is not an easy sport to get into. It takes skill, training and hours of grueling practice to be able to play this sport with dexterity. Whether you want to play tennis leisurely or professionally, it is advisable to equip yourself with the right gears to fully enjoy the game. It is good to know that the market has great brands and a wide array of tennis supplies today than it used to be when the concept of the sport began.

A short history of tennis

First of all, there are many origins of ball game tennis as it is known today. It was apparently an offshoot of a creepy story by a Parisian monk in the twelve centuries. The soul of being tossed back and forth by clawed Devils would be most likely construed as mere fantastical and sinister story. However, the French monk was said to be real, and the story eventually evolved with actual game being played using the palm of the hand. The Romans, Arabs, and medieval English people also have their version of the origin of tennis but the modern era point its two separate beginnings in the United Kingdom between 1859 and 1865.

Nonetheless, it was in 1896 when it was introduced in the Athens Olympics as one of the nine sports competitions exclusively played by men. Although women played in Wimbledon in 1884, it was only in 1900 to 1924 when female athletes' participation in tennis was seen. Tennis was withdrawn from the Olympics program for sixty years due to controversies of amateur and professional athletes' involvement. The sport only emerged in 1988 Seoul Olympics as an entirely open contest.

In over a century of tennis, it would be imaginable to see how tennis apparels evolved and the primitiveness all the tennis supplies. Not only the fabrics and style have drastically changed especially on women's tennis fashions, but it is conspicuously seen that the apparels shrank from ground length to the shortest and minimal covering. The tennis equipment such as rackets are lighter and more durable and have. Tennis rackets are now technologically designed to provide power and better maneuverability.

Today, tennis is played in more than hundreds of countries worldwide. It is categorized as the most popularly participated sports played on different surfaces allowing amateurs and professionals several degrees of challenges. It is also played either as a leisure activity amongst friends and families as well as amateur tournaments. Many people are more involve into tennis as their favorite sports not only because it is easy and affordable to acquire tennis supplies and equipment; it is also a well-known sport benefitting health and social well-being and lifestyle.

The 1920's to the 1950's were an era when Europe dominated the game, with 1926 seeing the establishment of the International Table-Tennis Federation. In 1935 The American Ping Pong Association, US Amateur Table-Tennis Association, and National Table-Tennis Association merge to form the US Table-Tennis Association which was eventually renamed USA Table-Tennis in 1994). As previously mentioned the 1950's to the 1970's saw the Chinese make their mark on the history of the sport, when in 1952 Hiroji Satoh of Japan wins the World Championships and begins the dominance of the Far East, which will only end with the rise of Swedish dominance in 1989, which would