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About Elite Tennis Club

It is one of the oldest tennis club in the state and was founded in 1980. Than it was only a ground with walls. But the owners thought something special for it and invested in it for the elite class of the country. The owners refurbished the whole club according to the class which is supposed to be playing and resting in the club. They hired new and decent staff for the elite class of the state. the renovated the tennis grounds very delicately and made sure that the players do not feel any discomfort during their stay at the club or playing tennis. When the club provided these things, the word spread around the state about this club.

Tennis Club

Firstly, they offered only grounds to play tennis than they started to hire professionals for their members to train them and then ultimately the next goal was to create their own legendry players. After the success of this elite tennis clubs in the state the owners decided to make other branches in the state so that they can bring the talent on big screen from every part of the state. The other clubs opened by this elite tennis club are marvelous, their indoor lawns, the sound proof walls and the faculty were fabulous. They started to hire more expensive and world class player to train their members and hence creating a class of players in field of tennis.