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Сan you use squash shoes for tennis?

It has always been a question about what kind of pair of shoes to wear in different sports. While an average person does not look into much details and follows their casual sport or jogging shoes for all the activities. But when we are into a game professionally, we must respect the game and follow the exact traditional methods and equipments specified for that particular game. As our discussion is in the direction of sports footwear, we must understand the basic differences between the two sports in conversation i.e. squash and tennis. Most often these two games are confused by people by while conversing in the same context. So, let’s start digging into the facts of these two sports.

Сan you use squash shoes for tennis

The most important thing to keep in mind that your footwear must match the type of floor your sport shall be played on. While a tennis court has 3 types of flooring mainly viz, hard courts, grass courts and clay courts. Most often hard court if preferred made of concrete. On the other hand, squash court’s floor is of light colored hard wood. So, the players need special outfits for these non-identically floored courts depending on what suits their game. For tennis, the pair of shoes must have stability and a rubber piece on the toe part as add on to prevent player’s toe from injury on hard surface. Rather, in squash, player needs to perform swift actions like suddenly stopping or changing directions, etc. So their shoes must have greater control and grip.

So we know that a tennis court has a concrete floor which implies that players do not use any shoe which can damage or graze the floor. Hence, tennis players are recommended not to use any dark sole shoes. However, a squash floor is light colored which means it needs be handled with care. That is why, this sport has particularly specified in its player norms that squash players only use gum soled squash shoes.

The basic dissimilarity between the designs of tennis and squash shoes is in accordance with the type of movement associated with each game. A tennis player not only runs here and there within the court but also strategies his moves within a fraction of second. So for this purpose, the players needs a pair of shoes that can provide speed and friction at the same time, for which tennis shoes usually have stubby toe and stronger edges. A wooden squash court sometimes feels a bit slick which is why, the players should prefer shoes with extra adhesive. Also, squash players opt for shoes having breathable rubber on the sole.

You must have seen tennis players sprinting edgeways and because of that they usually suffer from knee and ankle sprains. On the contrary, squash players are prone to joint damages. So the last thing one must consider while making a shoe purchase for any of these sports is, for tennis choose shoes with more lateral edges support and for squash pick shoes with cushion on its toe and heel.