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What Equipment Do I Need To Play Tennis?

Tennis is perhaps one of the most popular and relaxing recreational sports in the world today. And unlike some games, tennis can be played by people from all levels of society, regardless of their age or background. So long as you are able to hold a racket, you are in! This inclusivity also extends to wheelchair users.

Equipment To Play Tennis
Originating in the 19th century (although some historians believe the game’s ancient origin lays in the 12th century), the rules of this recreational game which is also a spectator sport have been changing over the years ( britannica.com/sports/tennis ). But despite these many changes, a factor that has remained constant is the equipment that is required to play tennis. Well, of course the models of these equipment have kept changing to fit specific needs but they are still being used to date. These equipment include the tennis racket, the tennis ball and most importantly, the tennis shoes.

Whether playing alone against one opponent (singles) or playing in a team of two (doubles), you want to make sure you are wearing the right kind of shoe as this does not just apply to the professionals.

So what is it about tennis shoes that makes them so special and an important necessity when playing tennis?

Different from the Normal Walking Shoes

If you thought any of your walking pairs of shoes could be worn for a tennis game, think again.

Shoes meant specifically for tennis are flatter than the average walking shoes and have less heel cushioning. This feature allows them to provide more stability to you, the player, as you move from side to side in the court.

Surface of the Court you play on

While they come in a variety of models (thanks to the many manufacturers), the type of tennis shoes you choose should heavily rely on the surface of court you will be playing on. These surfaces could range from clay, grass and hardcourts (of either concrete or asphalt topped with acrylic) or carpet commonly used for indoor play.

Tennis shoes meant for hard courts are designed to be more hard-wearing with a more resilient outsole which makes them more supportive as you move around the court.

Those designed for the soft or clay court are specially shaped to offer special traction that ensure the player experiences minimal clumping of clay or even slipping on the grass.

And in case the type of court you will be playing on is a multi- court, the tennis shoes are designed to fit into the various types of surfaces that is the multi-court without having to keep on changing your shoes.

Created to Suit Playing Styles

Ever wondered if any tennis shoe would go well with any position you take in the game? Well, it turns out tennis shoes are created for the different styles in the game.

Those meant for baseline players are designed to offer adequate lateral support. This therefore means the sole is designed to be durable due to the constant motion. On the other hand, those meant for serve and volley players are designed with a durable toe cap and a medial inside the arch.

So whichever pair of tennis shoes you decide to pick, remember to choose with these in mind!